new works on aluminium

Ronan Lane is an Irish born Painter who is now based in Perth.

These large scale oils are meticulously crafted abstractions that deal with the transformation of reality into an associative reality, one loaded with inherent meanings. We find ourselves in a world where people's understanding is biased through the sublimation of imperceptible messages that permeate every aspect of existence. These paintings deal with the transmission, and understanding of these codes.

The works relate to those sets of concepts outside of the realm of language. This is attempted by making forms which incorporate physiological, mythological and architectural elements. The mind is able to apprehend unseen aspects of reality, be they electromagnetic fields, subatomic particles, laws of physics etc., and access them through a plane of very specific terms... Graphs, equations, abstracts that imply absolutes about the physical world in a specifically defined way. By a reductive process which eliminates all recognisable and specific features from the image, it is made clear that the works are not illustrations of events. At the same time however, a certain familiarity remains which is left for the viewer to interpret. Because of the lack of a linguistic base in the image, the forms (shape, colour, space and background) take on assumed relationships, and these change depending on what is deemed the 'central theme' or 'object' of the painting. These works are a reduction of the human experience to something that tries to not use an inherited language of symbols and structure.